About us

Why DeliveryMark™?

90% of the trucking and delivery companies in the USA operate 6 or fewer trucks!

We have experienced the disappointment of Owner Operators and small delivery companies finding a great tool only to be “shut out” because of high monthly costs.

So, we got together, wrote a plan, and created DeliveryMark™… specifically designed for Owner Operators and Small Business Owners who need to make deliveries.

Good tools. Good technology. Low Overhead. Great pricing.

The DeliveryMark™ team, with over 30 years experience in information technology, logistics, and delivery businesses, is excited to work with you.

Welcome to DeliverMark™.

The DeliveryMarkTM Team
DeliveryMark™ works with ALL deliveries
  • Boats
  • Freight
  • Cars
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Heavy and Industrial Equipment
  • Household Goods
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Pets / Horses / Livestock
  • Special Care Fragile …ANYTHING!
How it works
  • Create Load

    Login to the app and click on "Create New Load" to start creating a load.

  • Assign/Dispatch

    Assign the load either to a known Carrier or send it for bids.

  • Make Delivery

    Login as the Carrier, pick-up the load (change status to en-route) to deliver it to the destination.

  • Signature

    Collect signatures at both pick-up and destination points.

  • Notifications

    Email notifications are sent to all the associated parties at every stage of the load.

“…Great functionality. Great price….”
“…I started using DeliveryMark 3 months ago and can’t live without it. …”
D.F., Chicago, IL
Who’s using DeliveryMark™?
  • Owner Operators
    You drive your own truck. There is no need for an expensive Transportation Management System (TMS) that costs you $100 or more per month. With DeliveryMark™ you simply create your BOL, you can then track your load and provide a signed, Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD). It’s just like the big companies’ systems at only a fraction of the cost!
  • Fleets
    Know the locations of all your drivers. Received signed, date-stamped, location-stamped BOLs when loads are delivered. Easy for you. Easy for your drivers. Company-owned or owner operators. Costs less than the price of today’s lunch!
  • Carriers / Drivers / Truckers / Delivery People
    Tell your clients to use DeliveryMark™ to send you their delivery orders (loads). They can track the loads, and automatically receive an email containing your BOL, date-stamped, location-stamped, and signed. Simple to use.
  • Shippers / Delivery Businesses
    It’s so easy to assign / dispatch, track, receive Electronic Proof of Delivery from your carriers / truckers . Create your load in the DeliveryMark™ system. Track the location. Send / receive updates. Receive a signed, date-stamped, location-stamped BOL upon delivery of the load. Easy!
“…Easy to get started...Easy to use…”
“… is so easy to get started and so easy to use. I wish you had come along sooner…”
N.S., Madison, WI


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Less than the cost of today’s lunch!
  • Create Orders (Loads)
  • Transport / Make Deliveries
  • Assign / Dispatch
  • Seamlessly work with your favorite shippers, carriers and business contacts
  • Collect Signatures and Comments
  • Track Deliveries (GPS)
  • Communicate and update
  • Receive updates / documents
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Full Functionality. (Pricing per truck.)

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